Bored doubt

I’ve been busy with work, some site had to be XMLed. So I had to cut down on the thinking. I’m sorry.

It was totally not satisfying. Sometimes I’m looking for a new job. Is that bad? Is it a part of a decent job? If somebody’s reading this: I’m looking for a creative, challenging job. 😉 Well, maybe I’ll stick around.

It makes me think about life in general. I’m lucky, so why am I not pleased? Should I be?


People who know me, know I’m phasinated with languages. Although I’m not to good with most of them, I can’t keep myself from trying to play and experiment with them

A natural language (English, Dutch: red) is a growing or even a evolving set of rules. Here comes the amazing part: everybody is able to fully understand a language. But above all: natural language is versatile. A person is able to express a feeling with it, but also something exact like a measurement or a logic equation.

It’s possible to build something beautiful with even the slightest knowledge of grammar and spelling. Many poets build a grand scale of expressions of feelings, politicians options and programmers programs. One can either record reality by talking about measurements and experiences, or alter and even create reality in the form of a novel.

There is one language that really stole my hart: math, or logic to be more exact. With math one can only give a true or a false story. This is not really special, but one can check the truth or lacking of it by calculating it, this in contradiction to natural language where truth is always in the middle, if it’s even there. Math’s truth is also a truth that does not have to do with reality. One can create a realm on itself as long it’s mathematical true.

The other language is the one of perception. This is everything but provable, calculatedly or interpretable. It totally rests on the perceiving person and the state he’s in. I can’t even grasp the consequences of trying to manipulate this realm.