On a more positive note

Happy new year, and lots of instances of love, sex and luck to you

So, I guess we are now one step further from being just another citizen of a random state of the United States of Europe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a nationalist, nor a patriot, but sometimes I feel like we are all so looking for gratification from crowd individualism, that we forgot what everything is about. I just moved to Amsterdam, not so long ago and live even shorter in my current apartment, or to be more precise: my personal physical instance of a digital cage of Faraday. You see, it’s more like a small concrete box, with a large collection of electrical appliances.

Anyway, I was wondering if I could notice some change in attitude now we (read: all DING FLOP BIPS countries) all pay with currency, which is valid in over 12 countries. But, besides the wonderful weather, I did not notice any difference. I know, these things take a while, but even still; You might imagine, it’s kind of a strange feeling to pull a condom from a machine with a Euro-coin from the Vatican (besides the strange feeling condom packages have by default (what’s that all about anyway?)). I find it even slightly ironic.

But I was diverted from my doomsday remark about this crowd individualism. You might think it’s a paradox, and maybe it is, I can’t help notice that after a short period of ‘Cocooning’ in the late 90’s, people started to strive for individualism in masses. With capitalism as one of the means to reach it. In my goal in keeping this article short, I leave you with the question: what are people realy looking for? I mean, you see that lot’s of noses are beginning to point in this direction which seems to end nowhere. It is like we are collectively being put on a quest of reaching the goal of the meaning of mankind.