Scaping the sounds

I’ve heard that some people have some wires in there head crossed wrongfully. They say, they can see sent, hear colours and smell sounds.

I heard that some folks experience the same when taking some anaesthesia, XTC or LSD. It has something to do with the brain being disoriented by the drugs and consequentially send the smell signals to the eye-part of the brain, the touch signals to the ear fibres and so on. With the ‘sick’ people with the faulty wiring, it’s something that’s really hard wired into there brain, so they’re likely to say: ‘that peanut and jelly sandwich smells green.’

It might sound strange, but I think of all super powers that are likely to happen to your average john doe, touching sound, or seeing sound would be one of the coolest. Imagine, even in the dark you would be able to see all sounds of everything, probably with even better accuracy of place and direction than you would if you would hear the sounds.

But it would be (more realistic) to edit you sounds in a visual mode. Now, I don’t mean those corny and non-intuitive technical representations of sound like a spectrum analysis or a frequency timeline, like you get from programs like Cakewalk, GoldWave and the like. No, I mean more like those graphs you get while running a WinAmp screensaver. But this time you can edit the graphs real-time, and by doing so, influencing the sound in colour (no pun intended), speed, intensity.

Next steps would probably rewriting movie-effects, postproduction tools, and Photoshop-filters to use on sounds. Can you imagine: blurring a track of the cure, alpha blending the Beatles with Foghat or texturizing the art of noise;-)