Recursive Headache

Well the day has been busy. And it has left me with a headache. I’m having a triphopday, playing only old triphop from the ‘old days’, that is, the 90’s

Attica Blues has struck the speakers. Just ate some poffertjes, and returned the video, ended the fitness subscription; so I’ll be less fit maybe. I don’t feel like having to deep of thoughts, in the fear of drowning in recursive mind ghosts.

You might recognize them; it’s the thoughts you have, but don’t have. You might try not to have them, while instead those thoughts are the ghosts, and so endless recursive. Trying to sleep, while this thought is haunting you. You cannot identify it, it’s about nothing and everything. It’s making you feel guilty, but you don’t know why, resembling an unmotivated lost knowledge of a memory feeling.

What to do? Well in any case: don’t eat sugar, don’t drink coffee. And don’t eat poffertjes