First entry since ages

Well what can I say? I should post more often, but I’ve been busy. I’ve got another job, had to convert/ upgrade all my collegues to friends and think about the meening of life all over again.

What makes people want to start all over again anyway? Getting a clean slate I mean. Does it realy work, can it be done? Unplugging all connections, erasing all notes and asumptions. And for what purpose; other than painfull pasts and unhumane crimes?

Perhaps it’s a thrill, like climbing your dreams without ropes. Or falling miles in your sleep. The challaging of the unknown, only to conclude later that even the unknown is the same as we knew before. So it must be futile but tempting. Like changing your underware with the ones of your girlfriend (which is probably not a wise thing to do anyway).

So, I’m doing it also. But gradualy. Letting the past fade away, letting it rest in the sediments of long forgotten thoughts. Not stirring it up, and hoping it will go away and would not interfere with the present.

Still, maybe the past is the thing that makes the adopting of a new future a challange and a thrill. Well, what do you know, I’m a subcontious thrillseeker! Who would have guessed. I’ll compare it with going realy slow on a rolercoster which disapears in the myst and also apears in the myst. The past is bound to apear in the future this way. Hmm, a bit silly methophore, but you will have to do with it.