2 thoughts on “ov chip in hong kong”

  1. The octopus card is so much better than what they came up with in the Netherlands. For one thing, it just works, And you can use it everywhere, recharge it everywhere, and it is also cheaper than the silly ov-chip card as well! They should have given the ov-chip-card job to a HK company :p

  2. Dear Marc: the Ov chipcard job IS given to a HK company. Please check before you make rather “stupid” remarks on the web. Octopus company is part of the consortium installing the OV chipcard. OV chipcard is a bit more complex in installing but this should not be an excuse. Also: Octopus has had its problems in the beginning but after 10 years of operations it is working perfect. It is very Dutch to complaint so much… vince

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